April first 2016 I installed two new packages of bees. I labeled them as “Hive A” and “Hive B”. Hive A is distinguishable by it’s yellow hive body with polkadots. Hive B is noticeable by its bright green hive body.  

 On April 3 I checked the hives and on Hive A the queen had been released and foundation was being drawn, I had to rearrange the frames since the comb was already 3/4″ in one spot. On Hive B the queen was not released yet but the workers were drawing out comb. On both hives there are plentiful forage bees in action. On Hive A they have consumed more of the syrup – about two thirds of a jar, where as Hive B has consumed about half of a jar. Plan to check again tomorrow.

Note: I need to bring weed eater and cleanup around the hives. Also need to add fence to prevent cows from disturbing the bees.